Which Cryptocurrency Coins Are Worth the Most Today?

As we all know, cryptocurrency is a hot topic in investment news and economic discussions
today. This brand new, digitally-based token that isn’t tied to anyone or any government is an
entirely new development in our world. Following the immense popularity and success of
Bitcoin, which debuted back in 2016, dozens of startups have been scrambling to create the
next “Bitcoin” today. As a result, there are hundreds of different crypto coins you can add to
your crypto wallet.
So which ones are worth the most at this time? Using the latest data at the close of 2018,
here’s what we found:
1. Bitcoin: The king crypto coin still reigns supreme. The original and most widely used,
there are currently more than 16.8 million Bitcoin in circulation, with a capped limit of
21 million. Hitting a record high of $200 billion during its peak, Bitcoin remains the
poster child of cryptocurrency investment given its name ID.
2. Litecoin: Fondly referred to as “Bitcoin’s little brother,” Litecoin is also a peer-to-peer
cryptocurrency, but with faster transaction speeds. Additionally, it was created with a
significantly higher token limit of 84 million.
3. Dogecoin: Named after the “doge meme” resembling a Shiba Inu, the Dogecoin is an
online community that has witnessed a market capitalization of $2 billion last year.
4. Ethereum: Originally created to be a world computer super network, Ethereum is an app
marketplace where coin miners can earn “ether” to fuel their network. It’s a popular
platform to use as the “backing” to a variety of new coins that do not necessarily hold
monetary value.
5. BAT: Similar to Ethereum, BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) enable advertisers to cut out the
middlemen and go straight to Internet users. What this means is that people can be paid
in BATs for surfing the web.
6. NEO: As the first open-source public blockchain in China, NEO was launched in 2014 to
help smart contracts develop seamlessly. Now adopting an Ethereum model, NEO is
becoming increasingly popular in China where a hotbed of blockchain investment
activity is occurring.
7. Ripple XRP: Designed to be a centralized marketplace that is leveraged by banks for
money transfers, Ripple XRP uses the CRP currency. It is designed to be faster and less
volatile than other cryptocurrencies, which is where the major cryptocurrency
investment shortcoming comes into the picture.

These are just the top 7 coin values as of December 2018 – don’t forget about close finishers,
like Stellar XLM, Cardano ADA, Tron, and the list goes on. With a world so new to crypto coins,
these coins are constantly devaluing or scaling up past their competitors, with Bitcoin
remaining at the top despite all of the changes. Here are our recommendations for your crypto
investment strategy in 2019.

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